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Welcome to the website of HOG Pankota (Community of Germans from Pankota)!

Our 8th HOG Pankota meeting took place on October 10th.

Here you can read the report.

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We are pleased about your interest in our website. We always try to inform our visitors on important historical, cultural and social aspects of our community/HOG = Heimatortsgemeinschaft.

Our community was founded in Germany in 1995 and is one of the youngest ones of the Landsmannschaft der Banater Schwaben e.V. Our aim is on the one hand to bring together our actual life to our roots, to our tradition and to find our ancestors, our origin. On the other hand we aim to focus on the positive development of Germans from the Banat in general - but especially on that of the Germans from Pankota. We are proud about their success in the various areas of our modern society.

Our community is in the lucky situation of still having more than 200 Germans in Pankota. We do also have a German mayor. These aspects enable us a confine communication and co-operation finalised in common meetings/events, e.g.:

1. Every year around the date of August 15 the traditional German "Kirchweih" (church inauguration) is celebrated in Pankota.

2. Every second year the HOG Pankota organises his meeting in Germany.

3. The church of Pankota could be reconditioned in co-operation with the Germans from Germany.

We would be happy to welcome compatriots and friends from all over the world to our a.m. events, especially to the next one.

If you are interested in our events and our community, please contact us under the phone number: 0049/621-41 37 06.

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